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ZOT! Game Engine

Zot! is a game engine designed for ease of development of little cross platform games or just prototyping out ideas. Back in the day, computers came with BASIC and manuals on how to make little games, but nowadays with powerful desktops and complex operating systems, its often "too much" for someone to just knock out a little game idea, as it may be too complex or just too much work. Enter Zot! -- it will take care of the cross platform heavy lifting so you can get to draw artwork, making some audio and training the objects what to do. Once you're proficient with Zot!, you'll be able to make a game like Pacman but with more modern artwork in just a few hours work!, or more complex games with some time investment.

Mailing lists, forums, IRC, etc

  • Zot-Maker - If you're making games or levels in Zot!, you'll want to read the documentation below and also be part of this mailing list
  • Zot-Helper - A fan-run information and tutorial site
  • Official Zot IRC channel - Any EFNET connected server should do, so try pointing your IRC client at irc.efnet.org and joining the #zot-maker channel

Zot! - Making your own gamelets

Information about building games and levels can be found here.. a must read resource for Zotscripters!

Zot! Basic Configuration (maps, basic AIs, sprites, etc.) - for building the basic framework of a game
ZOTScript (custom AIs, renderers, fancy stuff) - for making things work your way and extending the engine
ZOTWalk (a step by step walkthrough of a simple game) - from nothing to a simple game in a few steps

Zot Example Gamelets (source included with Zot distribution)

BombZ -- a Bomberman/Gauntlet-style game, work in progress
Palm OS runtime (same as GP32 contest submission but for Palm OS/Zodiac)
GP32 runtime v032
An older BombZ screenshot

ZInvaders -- a Space Invaders mini-game, work in progress
Palm OS runtime

Zot! Engine (Runtime) Downloads

To run games and do Zot! development, you need at least one of the Zot! engines; typically, building games is done on a desktop platform as it is a much faster turnaround.. edit your levels, hit run. No transferring files to the PDA :) However, you can develop in any of them...

Most Recent Versions (include runtime, development, sample gamelets BombZ, ZInvaders, etc)
Screenshots, and Older Zot builds (Still very useful!)
Zot! for Windows and Palm OS v045 (runtime, development)
Zot! for Windows v031 (runtime and development, includes BombZ and ZttP)
'A Zot to the Past' GBAX entry screenshot
(screener of a demo-config level)
(if you have issues running these older versions of engine, try altering the screen depth.. some older versions had a problem on some displays. Some have problems running it in 16bit mode for example so had to run in 24bpp mode for example; I believe this problem went away long ago however.)


Zot! for Mac OSX (024, Zot to the Past)
(screener of a demo-config level)
(if you have issues running it, try altering the screen depth.. ie: to or from Millions of Colours)

GP32 Handheld

Zot! 032 for GP32 (devkit and runtime for GP32, includes BombZ and ZttP)
Zot! 024 for GP32 (a Zot to the Past release for GBAX)
(screener of demo-config level)

Palm OS Handheld - See Windows builds for latest versions as well

Zot! Windows 042 (includes Zot Palm 042)
Zot! 024 for Palm OS/Zodiac (a Zot to the Past release for GBAX)
(earliest alpha 001 Zot screener!)
(photo of a demo-config on Zodiac)


Zot! for Linux screenshot
Zot! for Linux and Palm OS v046 (runtime, development, includes BombZ and ZInvaders, Zotscript supported!)

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com