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Shadow Plan and XCade are Codejedi products. If you use this software with software (suchs as Hacks, ROMs, etc) not provided by Codejedi, those products remain the property of their respective owners. We do not suggest or imply that we have anything to do with those softwares, nor do we imply any support for them. We suggest and implore you to obtain software through legal channels. Codejedi will not tell you where to obtain "Game ROMs", which are software programs built by other companies. We at Codejedi own the arcade games we build emulations for and we use ROMs only downloaded from our own equipment. We suggest you do the same. Although we try to make the software reasonably bullet proof and test each release thoroughly with a group of testers across many Palm devices, we do *not* guarantee it will work as described for any given user on any given device. This is not a full time pursuit, and rather than charge a lot of money for support, we offer the software very inexpensively. So understand that by downloading or using Codejedi software you are at your own risk. If you lose your files (be they Codejedi product datafiles or not), you are on your own. In the unlikely event you do crash some files, please contact support@codejedi.com where we will try and help you recover the data. Use Hotsync to backup your data regularly. We can't be held responsible for any data or hardware damage and you use this software at ENTIRELY YOUR OWN RISK. NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED OR OFFERED. We reserve the right to change the disclaimer at will.


1. Wednesday November 26th 2003
XCade 1.5.4  (Download)

See base description below for XCade 1.5.0; this download is the work in progress version as we do some basic growth; changes since 1.5.0 are for landscape mode and supporting the Tapwave Zodiac; if you've been happy with XCade 1.5.0 you likely don't need this update, but if you have a Sony UX device or a Zodiac, you'll need and love this for sure!
Get the OSX Rommer tool here!

2. Wednesday July 16th 2003
XCade 1.5.0  (Download)

Need a little something to help ease the long summer days? XCade 1.5 has been a long time coming but you'll be happy to hear that there is more to come. XCade 1.5 adds a first cut of audio to Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Puckman, Hanglyman and Pengo for Palm units. Ladybug support has been added. XCade 1.6 should include sound for Sony units as well as more supported games among other features.

3. Tuesday December 24th 2002
XCade 1.4.0 Released!  (Download)

We've got a history of always trying to get a release out in time for the holidays and this year is no exception :) XCade 1.4 is hot off the presses and includes lots of great additions. XCade can now copy or move ROMs to/from expansion media, and if you slide the skin over to your expansion card it'll deal with that too. So you can now have a zero memory footprint! We've improved the interface and added support for a pile of games. A new Windows based simple ROM tool is included to make ROM conversion easier. So lots to play with (and more to be done, fear not!). What are you waiting for? :) (See the screenshots!)

4. Tuesday December 10th 2002
XCade 1.3.0 Released!  (Download)

Christmas shopping tiring you out? Have a go at XCade! This 1.3 update introduces support for the Cinematronics hardware, letting you play Ripoff! and Star Castle, as well as introducing a fancier new interface for those with some extra memory to spare. (See the screenshots!)

5. Wednesday December 4th 2002
XCade 1.2.2 Released!  (Download)

XCade, the first arcade emulator for Palm OS! Updated to remove flicker, add support for Galaxians, and some overall improvements!

6. Tuesday December 3rd 2002
XCade 1.1 Released!  (Download)

XCade, the first arcade emulator for Palm OS! Updated to remove flicker!

7. Monday December 2nd 2002
XCade 1.0 Released!  (Download)

XCade, the first arcade emulator for Palm OS!

8. Tuesday November 27th 2002
XCade 0.5.3 Beta Released!  (Download)

The first beta of XCade. It runs hardware similar to arcade Space Invaders only, and will expire in the middle of December. A new release will follow soon.

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com