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ID Title Status Category
(8078) Tag picker wip dt
(8111) "Nygard" entities suggestions; remove special Shadow entities; also see alex.fung.ho-san wip dt
(8116) Autonum wip dt
(8135) Desktop basic sort wip dt
(8136) Greedy filter toggle; must be a per-filter option; shoudl this be a per-rule option? (And thus apply to checkboxes etc as well?) Make it per-filter; if a match, then flag matches to all children and skip descending wip hh
(8163) Next action autolink wip hh
(8186) DT keys update; some old suggesitons from Jones-victor - dt shortcut list (mobile has it too) wip dt
(8301) DT: request todo link wip dt
(8410) auto import, by todo category picker bitmask wip hh
(8411) todo cat column; show todo cat, tap to change or link to todo; filter by todo cat slot # wip hh
(8421) conduit wip osx
(8440) Filter support wip dt
(8517) jgoldber issue with CJLL and T|C; goes to Shadow and then back to the first preferred file; (button press launch) wip cjll
(8526) XML/encodings; see maparent wip dt
(8533) Get German translation updated for new resources wip hh
(8534) Sony-API sound so Clie's can have audio wip xc
(8535) Higher quality audio for pacsound wip xc
(8537) short term? if item has todo/datebook link, gray it out in desktop and put text saying 'avoid editting due to conflict with link' wip hh
(8537) check mem alloc; move to do_throttle and do_key wip xc
(8541) copy, paste, paste == crash wip osx
(8542) on open, view changes and saved position is too far down; move it up wip hh
(8546) find (within open file) wip dt
(8547) keyboard up/down ignores filter wip hh
(8549) fancier left panel display; checkbox, autonum, etc wip hh
(8552) put dash or dot in checkbox/circle when some child item is checked or >0%; a partial-completed-parent visual hint wip hh
(8554) quick filter (like desktop) wip hh
(8556) option so 5-way push will toggle checkbox; poll low response but suggests people like this option wip hh
(8558) listpref->auto->level colour pref (overrides theme, but highlight and item colour override overrides level pref) wip hh
(8562) bring up editor on grafitti of international chars wip hh
(8563) save zoom (rel to #fr-top) wip hh
(8564) Date in localized format wip dt
(8565) Honour Sun/Mon week begin pref for calender picker? wip hh
(8566) Option so Shadow doesn't pick up alarm wip hh
(8569) new filter criteria; two weeks, instead of just 1 week wip hh
(8570) Star castle not showing up in winrommer wip xc
(8573) DOC export can crash handstory; garbage at end of file? wip hh
(8574) zoom-jump using jump popmenu wip hh
(8575) open commandline file (and "open with..") wip dt
(8576) auto imp by categorym, or "all" as it is now? wip hh
(8577) >4k notes wip hh
(8578) PIN for open, link; if PIN, no Find returns wip hh
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