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(8022) Expand-# collapse doesn't put arrows on newly visible items osx
(8023) Should be able to run w/o basewin osx
(8024) "window" menu, listing all open (and base) window osx
(8025) App->quit osx
(8026) App->help osx
(8028) Cal - too thin?? osx
(8030) Cal - year size osx
(8031) add ... to open menu items done-verify osx
(8032) Jem's monster issue list osx
(8033) Map's mar10 qoodness osx
(8034) Print preview - goto last page, and on mac, images on buttons osx
(8035) Application Icon! osx
(8036) Dk gray bg in tree?? osx
(8037) Print prev -> menu osx
(8040) Add 'open' to file menu to skip basewin? osx
(8041) Move quit from File to App menu osx
(8042) Toggle bold -> hilight width in tree panel osx
(8045) Close print preview loses menu items osx
(8046) Change "save as" to "save copy as" or "export" osx
(8047) Header not preserved on pdb load->save? osx
(8048) Date picker woes -- any left?? osx
(8049) exp -,1,2,3... don't work properly? Just exp/col All? osx
(8051) Date button width osx
(8052) date picker -> english names osx
(8053) Dates -> xml weird? pdb conv? verify osx
(8054) Aqua frame broken looking? verify? osx
(8062) Left panel vert spacing is okay now? osx
(8065) DnD visual feedback? Does it coincide with reality? osx
(8068) New item hilight colour? osx
(8069) Inline edit with newline, display borked osx
(8072) Macify windows-style shortcuts. See my versamail for suggestions osx
(8421) conduit wip osx
(8422) invisibilize base window? (to avoid exeunt) osx
(8423) helpfiles not found? osx
(8424) titlebar, uppercase "Shadow"? osx
(8425) triple click -> crash osx
(8426) exp/coll-all doesn't do anything? osx
(8427) where is default encoding coming from? (utf8) osx
(8524) paste text from outside app makes crash osx
(8541) copy, paste, paste == crash wip osx
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