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ID Title Status Category
(8000) "chg to" -> ">" done hh
(8003) List menu filter toggle with shortcut hh
(8117) Pref for parent to show or adopt children date bounds? hh
(8126) consider (pref?): skip auto imp comp/stamped items hh
(8127) Reconsider filter mgr won't come up when list is empty hh
(8129) Try 'DOC' exp shad tips hh
(8131) New Fr 256 limit? hh
(8133) Ken gordon nailed steps to clear clip crash hh
(8134) Wiz: disp turds. Sort cats? Virtual item when none selected? Honour tag to end? hh
(8136) Greedy filter toggle; must be a per-filter option; shoudl this be a per-rule option? (And thus apply to checkboxes etc as well?) Make it per-filter; if a match, then flag matches to all children and skip descending wip hh
(8137) Wider arrow tap region hh
(8138) mini ed: graf shift on left hh
(8139) Viewmgr should fail on nil name! hh
(8140) consider: Custom by level autonum pre-text hh
(8141) sony Hires plus file select screen hh
(8142) Checked - sync fin date else we lose check hh
(8143) Cr date col, editable hh
(8144) Dana widescreen done-verify hh
(8145) bug? Dnd update prog perc? hh
(8147) check if fullscr details needs to recalc perc hh
(8148) check Zoom and DnD hh
(8149) consider: Auto-tag cat on todo import hh
(8150) Dbk linked, rpt present, funky title chars hh
(8151) consider: Tap on note icon->ed (or other qadget) should select item hh
(8152) consider: dupe parent tags hh
(8153) Create date column hh
(8154) consider: Sever all - scan tags for broken hh
(8155) Autocheck set finish date hh
(8157) consider: (F) Hide checked hh
(8158) Tag Mgr cat garbage hh
(8159) Sort aft chg: todo link, auto-imp hh
(8160) Unfilter, stay near scrolled position hh
(8161) check: Bonsai links crash on import?? hh
(8162) Check: 'Old(?)' shadcat cause crash?!?! hh
(8163) Next action autolink wip hh
(8164) Newfrom: no current items showing hh
(8165) Checked, sync fin date hh
(8166) check report: ^n in inline ed, causes blank hh
(8167) check: Lm->del (nothing selected) -> crash hh
(8168) check: Ashell "crash problem" hh
(8170) check -- I think resolved: kstuart crash NF->db ??? hh
(8171) Handera fixes (VG) (dnd good?) hh
(8172) consider: (F) - toggle show completed hh
(8175) Details -> edit -> copy origin stamp to clip hh
(8176) Weights hh
(8177) Misc field hh
(8178) check: T'W highres 1/2 line?? hh
(8179) check: atc-daniel filter issue (can't reprodoce) hh
(8180) Import marked, spiros.dagias hh
(8181) Dnd last line ghost hh
(8182) Hide dotted edit line in list prefs filename in non-edit mode hh
(8183) Large and/or highres icons hh
(8184) check Need for repeated imp marked todo (no idea why!) hh
(8185) Todo import improve: Only add dirty if TD obj dirty hh
(8187) Save 2tap cat state hh
(8188) Set time/alarm for db links (in drop down and alert?) done hh
(8191) check: Scrollbar scrolls too far (2/3) on TT? hh
(8194) consider: Hide perc on parents hh
(8199) Autocheck -> finish-time hh
(8200) check: 5Way/Jog handle filtered (use gad-cache, or if off end, draw then gad-cache) hh
(8202) check: New list, hit home, riqht out w/ no save! hh
(8204) consider: Auto link to new memos (like todos) hh
(8206) consider: Find, by tag hh
(8209) Add create date rule to c-filters, like the others hh
(8211) Create date picker dt/hh hh
(8212) Hilight by level, multi highlight hh
(8216) Leaf-only view (dt and/or hh) hh
(8217) Improve file list screen hh
(8218) Filter/hilight merge? hh
(8221) hh/dt: consider: Pref to save every 5 mins? hh
(8224) DOC links hh
(8225) Sync VFS files hh
(8226) PW/PIN panel in list prefs hh
(8228) Repeats? hh
(8229) Categories on VFS hh
(8230) Filters up/down but to manually sort hh
(8231) Col size respect font size hh
(8232) AN/DB5 Icons hh
(8235) List opt: set parent date when set child later dates hh
(8240) NaN/Nil/100perc and uncheck... hh
(8241) Filter rule value: "query value" hh
(8246) consider: Printing hh
(8247) Paste tags hh
(8248) Item to item links and goto and sync hh
(8249) verify: Sometimes can't scroll to bottom of exp note? hh
(8250) Joetanzola - pdb included which crashes Exp DOC hh
(8251) Pri covering > render issue hh
(8255) Skip auto imp for ((( and origin-stamp hh
(8256) Finish -> target for todo sync hh
(8262) hh/dt: After del or cut select nearby item (one not filtered) hh
(8264) consider: Children with rel-dates (rel to parent, set high bit or somesuch, scan children for chg in details chqs) hh
(8266) Hh: visor - contrast silkscreen crash hh
(8267) Display overlap - see versamail hh
(8268) consider: Uncheck 100perc -> 0perc hh
(8270) Handshigh 'Slap' interface hh
(8271) Tom sort bug hh
(8277) Pri1->9 (links would downqrade?) hh
(8283) Instant filter builder? hh
(8285) Link to d2g, docs, etc hh
(8286) hh: Tags to have icons? hh
(8288) consider: Long notes (OS5 only?) - edit only? hh
(8291) Link to Doc, zTXT, QuickOffice, D2go hh
(8292) Absolute date filter hh
(8293) Lm: sel, sel higher draw issue hh
(8294) Nf/Lm: skip/show protected hh
(8296) consider: Pref: new list sync on? hh
(8297) super rare hh: List pref crash ??? hh
(8299) hh: Unfilter -> qoto selected hh
(8300) hh: Easy alarm setting? (implicit link to todo, alarm time set?) -- tossed this out; we're implementign Shadow-based alarms instead. done hh
(8304) build in Alarms? done hh
(8305) consider: memo exp %/dates/choices hh
(8306) Odd Display glitch when 1st line scrolled off (funny indent) hh
(8307) Nf: todo cats hh
(8309) hh: Resort todo/db after sync out :/ (or at date chg) hh
(8316) check: cut, close, open.. Still there? hh
(8317) check: delete link entirely, todo cat picker stays hh
(8318) Key shorts, gene kim hh
(8319) Speed up: Slow disp file sel scr hh
(8321) Themes in file sel screen (non old clies) hh
(8322) DnD left/right hh
(8404) text extract -> german translation done hh
(8405) pocket goddess, pick up h-id from config xml if present done hh
(8406) T|W hack (workaround for OS wedge bug) -- did it work? -- for claudio, agilburne, hugow done hh
(8407) no category crash in list-pref (new file from dt) done-verify hh
(8408) if marked up, auto import only if right file hh
(8409) time picker hh
(8410) auto import, by todo category picker bitmask wip hh
(8411) todo cat column; show todo cat, tap to change or link to todo; filter by todo cat slot # wip hh
(8412) New manager "manage all links" hh
(8413) confirm "check all children" when checking parent w/ autocheck on hh
(8414) pref for wide-date-column-display (incl year) hh
(8415) verify hh
(8416) way future hh
(8417) unzoom and unfilter; go to parent, not top of list? hh
(8418) tag wiz doesn't rescan filters on exit hh
(8419) PIN-protect lists (handheld only protection) hh
(8420) LM->goto doesn't force save new record; implicit hit OK? hh
(8439) On todo link out, if prime tag matches a todo cat, pick that category hh
(8442) check: Delete all checked goes outside of zoom? hh
(8445) Consider: CJLL-filename to filename-CJLL, so that more useful chars show up in the launcher hh
(8518) popup list of top level items; tap on one to goto. A = type pop-button in the top right? done hh
(8519) "Close without save" [V] option and shortcut key? hh
(8520) show note size in bytes in note editor hh
(8522) jkrzysztow issue; export to DOC, kills Handstory hh
(8523) consider: Shadow Desktop pref; when set, conduit detects changes, and notices a ToDo/Datebook link, and pushes the new content into those right away, so that later when Shadow opens the content, it'll not pick up ToDo/Datebook and lose the SD changes hh
(8525) Handera; see email from sn1 hh
(8533) Get German translation updated for new resources wip hh
(8537) short term? if item has todo/datebook link, gray it out in desktop and put text saying 'avoid editting due to conflict with link' wip hh
(8538) consider; easy; note colour picker for det-note, for whole note display on list mode; just like colour picker for main text. hh
(8539) 'select mode'; new popmenu to enter select-mode; tap on an item to select it or unselect it; multiple select allowed. Commands to act on all selected items if a selection is present; some visual way of showing item is selected. hh
(8542) on open, view changes and saved position is too far down; move it up wip hh
(8543) some custom view choices can cause scrollbar to appear in wrong place for a moment hh
(8544) check on dt; what happens on handheld? vice versa? fix perc vers check funny stuff hh
(8547) keyboard up/down ignores filter wip hh
(8548) adjust column width by font size hh
(8549) fancier left panel display; checkbox, autonum, etc wip hh
(8551) custom filter -> edit rule hh
(8552) put dash or dot in checkbox/circle when some child item is checked or >0%; a partial-completed-parent visual hint wip hh
(8553) on details; OK+new, OK+newitem, OK+newparent; quick ways to dismiss and make another item; maybe also "goto next" and "goto prev", to slide details up and down the list hh
(8554) quick filter (like desktop) wip hh
(8555) set time in handheld items (target, start, finish) done hh
(8556) option so 5-way push will toggle checkbox; poll low response but suggests people like this option wip hh
(8558) listpref->auto->level colour pref (overrides theme, but highlight and item colour override overrides level pref) wip hh
(8560) flat filter; hide parents; flat view, hide parents hh
(8562) bring up editor on grafitti of international chars wip hh
(8563) save zoom (rel to #fr-top) wip hh
(8565) Honour Sun/Mon week begin pref for calender picker? wip hh
(8566) Option so Shadow doesn't pick up alarm wip hh
(8568) push arrows do not recheck for checkbox parent auto completion hh
(8569) new filter criteria; two weeks, instead of just 1 week wip hh
(8571) Date picker; show Coming [name of day] for First Day of Weekpref; right now shows Monday always hh
(8573) DOC export can crash handstory; garbage at end of file? wip hh
(8574) zoom-jump using jump popmenu wip hh
(8576) auto imp by categorym, or "all" as it is now? wip hh
(8577) >4k notes wip hh
(8578) PIN for open, link; if PIN, no Find returns wip hh
Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com