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ID Title Status Category
(8001) copy,cut,paste dt
(8017) Use 0 (not -) for csv pri0 done-verify dt
(8020) Html save-as (old style) dt
(8038) (Mostly OSX) Scrollbar needed around right panel dt
(8073) Combine pdb/xml opener dialog? dt
(8075) Export option for XHTML compliance? dt
(8077) ^1^2 etc for collapse level? dt
(8078) Tag picker wip dt
(8080) rare bug: "Imjb" - bad load making file (see also dn:\bigtagtest.xml -> pdb) dt
(8081) Date picker general improve/redo dt
(8090) is this done? win registry -> last user dir, so dt can default to that if can't find user dt
(8093) check: create date dt
(8105) bug: Losing title: Tree. Click to enter inline, but do not enter. Drag. Title text lost! dt
(8107) pr opt: supprese col-bg dt
(8108) Perc must chg to entity format! In print/exp dt
(8109) Font size (scr & print) dt
(8110) Ctrl keys for push arrows dt
(8111) "Nygard" entities suggestions; remove special Shadow entities; also see alex.fung.ho-san wip dt
(8112) Check -> finish date, auto check, perc, etc dt
(8113) Crash if no Palm Desktop dt
(8114) Per page col heads dt
(8115) I18n print (via Win Automation?) dt
(8116) Autonum wip dt
(8118) Don't 'save' tags in Dt. Just reload every few mins? dt
(8135) Desktop basic sort wip dt
(8146) Cmd line open? dt
(8186) DT keys update; some old suggesitons from Jones-victor - dt shortcut list (mobile has it too) wip dt
(8192) Prefs - date format dt
(8193) parent perc calc dt
(8196) logic from hh: show 100perc for checked in right hand side dt
(8201) del -> don't bugme again in conf dialog dt
(8205) Icon in palm desktop dt
(8207) clip: Exp to win clipboard dt
(8208) consider: ^d del, ^q quit dt
(8214) verify: Remember winsize dt
(8215) File link handle in SD? dt
(8236) date picker: double click on date to pick it dt
(8237) 4k limit turns into 2k for unicode! dt
(8244) Gantt report dt
(8258) Dt: in inline edit, hit ctrl-n and new starts but erases inline dt
(8261) Consider: Auto-Log into same user. Pick hotsync user button. dt
(8263) Export html/csv bullets. Show as *? dt
(8265) Allow italic notes in export opt, but only work in htm of course dt
(8269) Consider: No root items dt
(8274) make del'd items ineditable? dt
(8275) Left/right divider doesn't move dt
(8279) Csv import?? dt
(8289) DT: perl interp for scripting or imp/exp? dt
(8301) DT: request todo link wip dt
(8302) Dt: sort dt
(8303) consider: given DT can req links, check in hh/other/dt can activate next iten (link) dt
(8315) localize date disp dt
(8320) Maximize button in DT dt
(8323) Fancier left side panel; checkbox, note icon, etc dt
(8323) Don't split item in middle during print dt
(8324) Export/imp template to allow customization? dt
(8400) right-click context menu (cut,paste,etc) dt
(8401) expert menu -> purge deleted dt
(8402) top level is directory listing? dt
(8440) Filter support wip dt
(8446) Exp/print option to not use alternate gray background dt
(8521) date format should be localized dt
(8526) XML/encodings; see maparent wip dt
(8545) sort dt
(8546) find (within open file) wip dt
(8550) print; size, single/double space, margins, headers, footers, etc dt
(8559) (for unix mostly) dump filters and tags from their pdb files instead of depending on (non existant) conduit dt
(8564) Date in localized format wip dt
(8567) Map palm os chars to local char set chars for SD rendering; Times New Roman supports all Palm chars but 4 (spade, heart, club, diamond) dt
(8572) Double click on SD file to open it; being .xml (a generic extension), and Windowslimited launch system.. a toughie :/ dt
(8575) open commandline file (and "open with..") wip dt
(8587) File sel screen; alternate sort criterion dt
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