Our thanks to all of those whose help, questions, testing, assistance and eternal enthusiasm made this fun.

A special thanks to my wife, for her patience ;)

Project Kickaha?
Little did you know this was called Kickaha until near release time. Philip Jose Farmer's lively character kept me up far too many times. And Zelazny's Corwin of Amber. And Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri game.

Original Alpha Testers
All of shadow-test past and present have my gratitude. We're a tight knit bunch so I owe them at least 1 minute of fame ;) The following were especially handy in the latter part of Kickaha's development. In random order. Jeffrey G, Rick B, Griff, Eugene, Jacques who can't open his files, Mikey Freedom, Stuart, Surnick, Ken, Larry, Kenneth, Jim, James, Anthony, Elwood, Steve, Joe (who has recently gotten things done), Neal The Breaker, Daniel, Christian, Nikolaus, Gretchen, Mark, Neil. Oh,and Gene Kim too.. the rascal ;)
Let me know if I forgot you!