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These are a few of the comments I've received by PalmGear users.

  • 5-stars 18-Dec-00 by Kevin Fosler
    OK, I don't give many 5-star ratings, and I was going to hold out for a while, but this product has changed the way I use the Palm -- it is one of my two favorite apps, right up there with Datebk4. It fits my particular needs perfectly -- great linking from an outline to the Datebook and Todo databases, so my rating is for how it perfectly fills that niche for me. This program leaves Arranger, and any other program that links to the built-in databases, in the dust. The design is well thought out, and the developer is very open to suggestions. I recommend that anyone who wants to keep up with the betas join one of the e-mail groups on the home page. I guess I'll just have to add some stars myself for future reviews :-)

  • 5-star 24-Nov-00 by Bryan Yokes
    In nearly 4 years of PalmPiloting, I've evaluated hundreds of apps, and have been a alpha/beta tester for many of them. I will say that Jeff Mitchell is as close to genius as they come, and he's the first developer I've seen that can not only build an app that's highly intuitive, but can add features that are totally unique without losing functionality. ShadowPlan has become the mose usable program I own, and unlike other apps, it RAPIDLY continues to evolve well beyond where the others have stopped (and died). Whether you're an organizational geek or you just like cool new stuff, you've gotta try this one out!

  • 5-stars 24-Nov-00 by Bob Hughes
    I have registered virtually ALL of the Outliner applications available for the Palm OS including ShadowPlan. Im my opinion, Shadow has the greatest potential. ShadowPlan author, Jeff Mitchell is developing Shadow at an amazing rate, adding feature after feature, many of which have been suggested by users of the program. Sure, there have been bugs, but Jeff always finds them and fixes them. Shadow has some unique features (some implemented, some planned) that, in my opinion, give it the greatest potential of all the outliner apps. For example, not only can you link to the DateBook & To Do databases, but you can also link between Shadow files. Global find, complex filtering and tags are some of the features anticipated for the next release version 1.4. Tags are kind of like categories but better as there can be up to 255 tags whereas categories are limited by Palm OS to 15. Up to two tags will be able to be assigned to each item in Shadow files. Imagine being able to sort (on any two of) and create complex filters based on Target date, Start Date, Finish Date, Creation Date, Title, Priority, Progress, Competion Status, AND two different tags. I can't say enough good things about this application and its author. If you like outliner applications, you owe it to yourself to try out the one with best value & potential

  • 5-star 07-Nov-00 by Jon Dee
    As the other reviewers have said, this is by far the best list manager for the Palm. I've tried all the others, Progect, Brainforest, Arranger etc and this is the best thought through and best supported. Good work Jeff!

  • 5-star 13-Sep-00 by Martin Shakeshaft
    An excellent program! Very clear and instinctive to use. All this is backed up with really good support. After trying out the initial release I emailed some suggestions to Jeff. Within a few hours he had posted a beta release on his web-site with all the ideas implemented! Keep up the good work!

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