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Kronos - Interactive Ficton for Palm OS

Kronos is an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom-style ZMachine, and Scott Adams style adventure games.

Magnetic Scroll's was a UK based text adventure game company from the middle 1980's; their games helped kick off the adventure game genre by introducing high quality artwork, a fancy English-like parser and wonderful plots. While Infocom was better known and more influential, Magnetic Scrolls was lightyears ahead in their time. Infocom was an American company who created the adventure game genre and offered some of the most memorable and involved games in history. Zork will never be forgotten.

The Magnetic Scrolls games were popular on the Atari ST and Amiga platforms and later in "best of" format on the PC. Infocom games were popular on virtually every computer platform that had a keyboard. Now you can play them on your Palm OS handheld through the magic of emulation.

"Magnetic" interpreter originally by Niclas Karlsson. "Frotz" interpreter originally by Stefan Jokisch. Palm OS port by Codejedi.

Kronos is of course freeware!

Pleae enjoy!

For help, contact support@codejedi.com

Some Interactive Fiction Links:

Screenshots of Kronos:

Mailing Lists:


By request I've turned up a donation box in the webstore; I build all of my free software to help support the communities I'm a proud member of, but feel free to help pay the bills of a self employed coder :)

Kronos Downloads:

Kronos is an open source free interpreter for the Magnetic Scrolls and Infocom-style ZMachine adventure games. It is descended from Magnetic 2.2, Frotz 2.32 sources, and the latest Scott Free (Curses) sources.


  • Plays any Magnetic Scrolls adventure game!
  • Plays virtually any Infocom or ZCode game!
  • Plays Scott Adams style adventures too!
  • Requires Palm OS 4.0 or later on a machine with 16MB of RAM or more; requires an expansion card to hold the ROMs (they're big)
  • Low res, high res, colour, grayscale.. we cover all the bases. High res colour is stunning!
  • Automapping, note taking, context word menus.. all the bells and whistles!
  • Be sure to check the included README.htm to find out how to install game story files and the other advanced features. A very brief story install summary is here:
    • As of Kronos 1.4.2, you can just hotsync story files over to your expansion card; just run Kronos 1.4.2 or later at least once, and then drag your story files into the Palm Install tool, Change Destination to make them go to the right expansion card (if necessary), and hit hotsync!
    • The manual method for doing it is...
    • Unzipped files only. pawn.mag and pawn.gfx for example
    • Use a card reader/writer ideally!
    • Use Card Export (costware) to simulate card writer
    • Sony devices have MS Export built in .. works great!
    • Failing the above.. you can rename (for example) pawn.mag to pawn.mp3; use Hotsync or Install Tool or Quick Install to put pawn.mp3 onto the device expansion media (in /Audio normally); then get the freeware Filez file manager (or other file manager) and move pawn.mp3 to /Palm/Programs/Kronos. Then rename it back to pawn.mag and you're good to go!
    • Magnetic games must be .mag; Scott Adams must be .sa; ZCode games should be .dat or .z or .z#

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com