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GP32 -- Worlds Most Powerful Unheard-of Handheld Game Machine

The GP32 is a wicked little handheld gaming machine from an independant little company in Korea. They're competing head to head with the Gameboy Advance in their own little way. We always support freedom of choice, freedom to innovate, and love to root for the little guy. So heres our little page to wave the flag for the GP32!

Assorted GP32 Links


By request I've turned up a donation box in the webstore; I build all of my free software to help support the communities I'm a proud member of, but feel free to help pay the bills of a self employed coder :)

XCade for GP32

We've ported our XCade application from Palm OS to the GP32, and are giving it away free. We've always been big supporters of the free software and open source movements where we can, and in that spirit want to do our small part to support this marvelous little machine.

Castaway/GP for GP32

The Atari ST has a special place in my heart, for its where I really "cut my teeth" and did a lot of keen hacking around. Ran a BBS for most of a decade, wrote a lot of assembly, GFA Basic and C code, and really just got into the "scene". My tribute back to the days of old is porting the keen Castaway Atari ST emulator to the GP32. The port is actually of CastCE (for the Pocket PC :), and has turned out *very* well if I do say so myself. Really shows off what the GP32 can accomplish. -- Jeff

Atari ST Games Database (for Castaway/GP and Others)

Rather than try and remember what disk A_097.ST has on it, we've created a little database system that can figure out it is actually Dungeon Master and OIDs on there, for example. With lots of work from the public we've managed to catalog most every "packed" disk image out there in both .ST and .MSA format so you can use it to find a game your'e looking for, or to find out what games are on a given disk image. Regardless of the filename in use! Castaway/GP natively uses this database and we hope other Atari ST emulators will pick up on it someday.

Other Downloads, Links, and Forums


Castaway/GP GPXcade

December 23rd 2004 -- CaSTaway/GP 14.0 Released!

Release 14.0
NEW: Added support for 144MHz option in Adjust Configuration screens
NEW: Added config variable for setting the clock speed from a config file
  (ie: You can set it in default.cnf for kicking off the emu, or you can
  set it in loaded .cnf files from button presses etc.)
  key: clock-speed
  values: as of version 14.0...
  0 66MHz,  1 99MHz,  2 132MHz,  3 144MHz,  4 150MHz,  5 156MHz,  6 160MHz,
  7 166MHz,
  One of these days I'll alter it so you specify the clock rate itself :)
NEW: Added config variable to say "I'm a blue plus" to fix LCD
  key: bluplus
  value: 1 (blu+) or 0(blu/flu)
NEW: Added option to Adjust Configuration to toggle BLU+ setting on and off
  o someone use this to tell me if it fixes the BLU+ LCD issue or not :)
  (For CaSTaway/GP I understand its only a problem of beginning rendering on
  the bottom pixel row instead of the top one)
NEW: Updated manual to reflect these changes (its still not a perfect manual,
  but good enough ;)

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

August 12th 2003 -- Castaway/GP 13.0 Released!

Once, a long time ago, a brave warrior named Craig decided to punish some poor poor GP32 machines; at first he thought about installing Windows on them, but not being a heartless bastard, he just overclocked them until their pants came off. The mighty warrior was reduced to insanity when the poor machines refused to melt or die or show any signs of misery! Due to the fine experiments made by Craig, in which we learnt that the GP32 really could handle high clock rates, I've added a new menu to Castaway/GP so you could pick your preferred clock rate at runtime. The default is still 132MHz, though you can now set as low as 66MHz to conserve battery power, or as high as 166MHz if you happen to be doing some CAD3d work in Castaway/GP, say :) If there is demand, I can add some config file support for setting the clock, so that you could make it configurable for each game or the like as you see fit.

Release 13.0
NEW: Added new menu item to Configuration submenu; Adjust Clock Speed. You can
  now set the GP32 clock to 66, 99, 132, 150, 156, 160 or 166MHz. Everyone can
  run up to 132MHz, and hopefully you can get to 156 or so; some can run at
  166MHz (including me! :). Your battery performance goes down the crapper
  though at that speed, but you can turn your framerate way down.
  o NOTE: Everything is very carefully cycle counted here.. including sound
    processing to the ST main CPU; so if you clock up and the emu is running
    mega fast, then sound will be higher pitched; so you can decrease frameskip
    until its just right. If setting frameskip to 0 and its still too fast, it
    means you're clocking too high so you might as well clock down a little
    to get it right and save some battery power.
  o NOTE: Now I need to add throttling code so that even if you clock too high
    it'll run the right speed; for now, you can fiddle with your clock and
    frameskip to get it right :)
  o NOTE: Most people probably do not need to run at 166.. Castaway/GP is
    already pretty fast!
  o NOTE: Don't blame us if you pop your unit, though evidence would suggest
    the worst that can happen is your unit crashes; just turn it off and you're
    good to go :)
  o Thanks [SoD]Thor! (Thor got me through a brief brainlapse :)

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

July 7th 2003 -- Public Beta 004

Added audio to Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Hanglyman and Pengo; also added wider more visible shots to Galaxian and Moon Cresta. Some minor fixes.. see below:

GPXcade 004
NEW: First stabs at Pacman sound
  o Sound for Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Hanglyman
  o Sound for Pengo
CHG: Wider shots for Galaxian and Moon Cresta
CHG: WinRommer now spits out at the end of its log the location of where the
  file was written to, in case it went to outer space and you need to find it

Get it here

June 4th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 12.1

Spit and pollish release :) The games database cache is back full frontal -- at first you'll notice that hitting SELECT remembers the CRC so the next lookup is instantaneous. You'll then notice that you can use right-shoulder to toggle the disk picker between two views.. the normal view (with a new game summary I might add), and a "Game List Mode" which shows one game to a line, alphabetically sorted. Mind you, it only knows about games on disks that you've pushed SELECT on to get them into the cache, so sit there for 10 minutes and go through all your disks, and then you'll never leave this mode! (You can default to this mode with a quick addition to your defaults.cnf!) I might also note that for Bonks I added game dataabse lookup support for .zip files, so you can have all the same bonuses as normal when using zip disk images (though save disk to SMC when using .zip may still be odd).

Release 12.1
CHG: Added game count to bottom right of gamelist menu
CHG: Some dialog internals to make them handle large numbers of options/games

Release 12.0 - killer!
NEW: Game listing mode!
  o In this mode, disks that you have previously SELECTed (put into the cache)
    will now show their games all together in one big sorted list!
  o Gamelist-menu now lists games known in your cache in alphabetical
    order, as well as putting in uncached disks at the bottom so they're still
    findable; hitting A or B on a game will select it for disk insertion as in
    the disk menu; right shoulder will toggle back to disk picker. Leftshoulder
    does not do deletion in this view. Select will look up a disk to show you
    the other games on that disk, and Start will fire things up as normal.
  o so the gamelist view works more or less the same as the normal disk view
  but is prettier for your cached games :)
NEW: Games database can now look up .zip file contents, so hitting Select
 works on .STx, .MSA, .RAW (savestates) and now .zip's (w00t!)
CHG: Removed wide-desc mode that was in 11.6
CHG: Right-shoulder in disk picker now toggles between disk-menu and
  gamelist-menu (which is new)

Release 11.6
CHG: Make floppy access indicators stay around onscreen a bit longer; sometimes
  they just blinked too fast, and I like to "see" them ;)
CHG: Reducing status/mode-line render frequency to get performance boost
CHG: Brought cache back in; we can beat it up and see if its all fixed?!
NEW: If cache is enabled then try showing a gamelist beside disks that have
  cached CRC32's; only half a screen is available, so not much can be done....
NEW: If you hit Right Shoulder in disk picker, it'll toggle between showing
  description field full width (if present) and normal (half width description)
NEW: Variable 'widedesc' available for config; if 1, wide description used; if
  0, normal thin desc used. Useful for DEFAULTS.CNF!
UPD: ST Games Database 2.0

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 27th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 11.3

The Mind-blower edition. This one tweaks the controls to be a little more friendly, while also adding mega configurability. We've fleshed out the keyboard a little, and added the ability to hold down buttons (as opposed to just pressing and releasing them). Theres autofire for the joystick now, so your thumb doesn't get tired. Theres a new config menu where you can load and debug config files.. and you can totally define your own input mode. Say you're playing a game that needs mouse and a key (like shift, to fire), just bind shift to left-shoulder and away you go!

Release 11.5 - May 31st
NEW: Added floppy disk image for showing disk reads -- both Disk A and Disk B
  are shown as little disk images on the right bottom corner; try using GEM to
  copy from A: to B: and watch it :)
  o if the Drive B: icon flashes away and wipes out part of the virtual
    keyboard, it will try and redraw the virtual keyboard to compensate
CHG: Added "-" to the keyboard (plus is shift-equals)
CHG: "File open messages" aren't shown anymore, so you don't see filenames at
  the screen bottom anymore :)

Release 11.4 - May 30th
NEW: Added "gamma" variable to config; you can set gamma to 0 through 4
  inclusive; anythign else is turned to gamma 0.
  ex: "gamma 2"
NEW: Config bind value "hold-"; simialr to just binding a STKEY
  except this binds the value as a "hold" key (like pushing "A" on the
  virtual keyboard).
  ex: "bind-fl hold-ST_A"
  This would mean as long as you're holding left shoulder, you're
  holding down ST_A on the ST keyboard.
UPD: Included some sample configs in the distribution

Release 11.3 - May 28th
NEW: Added bind toggle-keyboard (Custom mode can mimic left-shoulder now)
CHG: "ST_" keys are now case insensitive
NEW: Added "goto-" bind operation so you can now create toggle or
  cycle configs! (one set of keys can jump to another set, etc)
FIX: If savestate is 0b long (crash during write?) then report Broken on
  file picker, instead of hanging forever :)
FIX: Try and keep Custom  "" part on screen accurately during
  sneaky goto- changes
FIX: If a bind-op is listed twice, it should still work. (ie: If you set
  everythign to joy-fire, they shoudl all fire)
FIX: Load-config menu should always scroll to fit

Release 11.2
NEW: You can bind the value "menu_configload" to a button (say, left shoulder)
  This brings up the config -> load dialog, so that you can very quickly
  jump between config selections!

Release 11.1
NEW: The "print" config command now adds text after the "Custom" mode
  indicator; so if you print "MyMode" you'll see "Custom MyMode". Handy
  to know what mode you're in (what config was last loaded).
FIX: When you hit Config -> Load and there are no .CNF files, it now
  gives an error instead of crashing :)
FIX: Somehow from 10.5 private to 11.0 test version I broke the d-pad
  bindings.. fixed now.
FIX: Frameskip mode wasn't displayed properly in the indicator, due to
  changes done in 10.5/11; fixed now, so like normal again.

Release 11
NEW: Virtual keyboard now has "SS" -- thats actually left shift and right
  shift. The two esses work separately even though theyr'e side by side.
NEW: Added equal sign to the virtual keyboard. (Flight sims throttle?)
NEW: Pushing "B" on virtual keyboard preses and releases the ST key as
  normal; pushing "A" however will toggle the key state.. ie: first "A" will
  push the key down, second "A" will release it, third will push it down again,
  etc. In effect, this lets you hold a key down. Useful for Shift to get
  caps (or capslock), but also in some game sif you need to hold a key down
  for awhile, like "=" for throttle or something? perhaps autofire in games
  that have it built in?
  NOTE: If you're being a smart guy and pushing "A" to hold it down, then
  "B" to push it, then Castaway/GP is smart enough to just let the key up.
NEW: On virtual keyboard, keys that are held down are shown in green. (ie:
  blue normal, red is cursor, green is held down)
NEW: Joystick autofire; when turned on via the Configuration menu or
  variable, will push the fire button pretty frequently on your behalf
NEW: "joy_autofirethresh" config variable to set the speed of autofire. Default
  is 400. (Though in testing, havnig Xenon 2 with autofire of 300 is pretty
  exciting! 200 messes upt he game.. it can't handle the human thumb that
  fast ;)
NEW: "joy_autofireactive" config variable; default 0; if you set to "1",
  autofire will commence.
NEW: Config variable "print"; the "value" word is just passed to the config
  log. Potentially useful so you know what the heck config you just loaded :)
NEW: Changed "Calibration" in Option menu to "Adjust Configuration ...",
  which contains menu with Mouse Calibrate, but also Autofire and others.
NEW: Created "Load Config" menu in Config menu; like the main disk picker, but
  only knows how to find .CNF files. If an error is detected during config
  load, the error log is shown
CHG: Picking a config file from normal disk picker will also show error log
  if an error occurs during config load
NEW: "Show last config errors" option in config menu; this will show you
  the error log from the last loaded config file (again). Could be useful
  for debugging sake.
CHG: Delete file now defaults to NO! (doh!)
CHG: Moved Toggle Render Mode to configuration menu
NEW: Variables for binding..
  o Notice you cannot rebind START, so you can't hang yourself :)
  o bind-up, bind-down, bind-left, bind-right
  o bind-a, bind-b, bind-fl, bind-fr, bind-select
NEW: Values for binding..
  o mouse-up, mouse-down, moust-left, mouse-right, mouse-fl, mouse-fr
  o joy-up, joy-down, joy-left, joy-right, joy-fire
  o keyboard keys; giant list to be included later (see html docs)
  o special: toggle-autofire, toggle-frameskip, frameskip+90, frameskip-90
NEW: "Custom Input" in options menu; (bind mode)
  o default behaviour of SELECT is n/a for custom mode
  o default behaviour of LEFT SHOULDER is n/a for custom mode
CHG: The mode hint ("Joystick", etc) at bottom of screen should now blink a
  little less, and shoudl result in an ever so slight performance improvement
CHG: Warning dialog (when you go to Custom mode, but no config loaded) now
  offers you the option of loading a config file right now	  

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 20th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 10.2

The kitchen sink edition ;) This version just solidifies things made in prior versions. The savestates are super solid, toggling between keyboard and other modes with left shoulder is all fixed up, we've improved the splash screen a little (and made it look very Atari ST circa 1987 if I do say so myself :) and in general cleaned everything up. Yes, I do have a life.

Release 10.3
NEW: Keyboard delay; when an ST keyboard key is pressed (from the
  virtual keyboard, joystick mode's spacebar shoulder button, or cursor
  mode's cursor keys) then it is now depressed for a moment, instead of
  being pressed and released instantly. This fixes issues with a few super
  sensitive games like Turrican, Xenon 1 (ship transofrmation), and a
  few others.

Release 10.2
CHG: New mouse calibration code (for the 6th or 7th time ;) -- seems to work
  well in that it gives you full range of movement from the current mouse
  position as if it was center of screen. (so ideally do the calibration from
  center of screen!)
CHG: Automatic mouse-calibration at resolution changes
CHG: Automatic mouse-calibration when approaching perceived screen edge, so
  that it'll let you run off the edge if you want to.. TOS won't let the
  mouse fly off the screen anyway
CHG: The virtual keyboard starting position is in the middle now (near the
  numbers) since most often the first time you pull up the keyboard you'll
  be wanting to go somewhere else.. this should help minimize that first
  bit of travel time
FIX: If you left-shoulder deleted the last file in the file listing, then
  pressing down would let you scroll forever. Now fixed.. deleting an item
  now selects the previous item so you can't scroll down into nothingness.

Release 10.1
FIX: Updated version; doh :)
NEW: Save state menu now shows filename of disk-A: thats in existing save
  states, or "Empty". This way you can tell which slots do not exist at all,
  and if they do exist, what disk was in it
NEW: Gamma/Brightness adjust added -- this is done in such a way so that
  colours will never become another colour (red will not become green). So
  if a colour is at max green (rgb(0,255,0) then it will not change. But if
  it is at half green (0,127,0) then it will let you step it up and still be
  green. At max gamma, everything will be essentially white. So the gamma
  settings let you bring everything up to the point where they would go to
  white if we went another step. You get 4 steps. (Making higher granularity
  doesn't seem to have much point)
CHG: Retouched the mouse calibration in hopes that it works :/
CHG: Brightness of plasma increased a touch to make it visible but without
  ruining the bouncey text effect

Release 10
CHG: Merge splash demo and splash text into one screen, and tone down
  the plasma. Make the Castaway text go on top. Nice!
CHG: When in frameskip mode, left shoulder only does frameskip.. doesn't
  toggle keyboard. Woops!
FIX: Properly checks for TOS's existance before firing up the emulation ..
  this ought to help out people who didn't install one or put it into the
  wrong place
CHG: Updated games database to 1.9

Release 9.2.1
NEW: Pushing SELECT on a .RAW (savestate) will look up game details for the
  disk that was in drive A: at the time of savestating (cool!)
NEW: 1/4 of a splash screen :)
CHG: Left-button toggle of keyboard also sets the delay timer for normal keys
  so that it doesn't immediately re-register for frameskip-minus in that mode
CHG: Will remember disk selection when you reset Castaway/GP and return to the
  disk picker menu
FIX: Will try to sort disk listing properly :)

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 15th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 9.1

See all the changes from Release 009 first :)

This update revamps the file picker and improves the save state system, among other things. Let me know how it goes.. hopefully I've not made anything unstable, but if I have, let me know ASAP ;) Lots more to do, but we're really shaping this up nicely! Also some nice UI tuning :)

Release 9.2
NEW: Left-shoulder will toggle into keyboard mode, or back to the last mode.
  (Much like select toggles frameskip, or right shoulder toggles cursor/mouse
  in those modes). Bear in mind if you use left-shoulder to toggle to
  keyboard, and then hti select to go to frameskip, you will have confused
  the "last mode", and will probably end back up at "mouse" sooner or later ;)
CHG: Caching of CRC's is temporarily removed, since its acting up on some
  units.. I'd rather have it not crash for everyone, than work for 90% :/
  I'll catch it when I can see it.. so far doesn't occur to me :(
CHG: File picker tries to keep the same scroll area when submenus pop up, so
  so you don't lose your spot (selection stays on same item, but in 9.1 the
  selection would scroll to center on return to file picker focus)

Release 009.1
CHG: Savestates are incompatable with them from 009! I'd open them up and
  do an in-game disk-save if you can before going to 009.1!
NEW: You now get 8 savestate slots
NEW: In the file picker, it now shows the filename of Disk A beside the
  saved state, so you have some idea where it came from
FIX: Handle bad savestates better
CHG: Bumped to cache version 2 .. cache will rebuild as used
NEW: Disk selection is sorted alphabetically ("asciiliciously!")
NEW: Appears people were inserting disks without ejecting first; this would
  cause a reboot/crash for drive B: (ST too smart for us), so we now implicitly
  eject the disk for you when you insert a new one :)
NEW: Changed disk menu to use our pretty dialog system
NEW: Disk picker now shows "A:", "B:", "ROM" beside the currently selected
  disks, when you pick new ones

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 14th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 009

A great update to Castaway/GP! This time the main attraction is save-states (as opposed to storing A: and B: to SMC, which it can also do); you can now ask to have the live-emulated-ST dumped to SMC anytime you want, and then later fire up from that state file almost instantly. This will really speed up those long load times and multi-disk games. But don't forget to save A: out to SMC once in awhile for a more permanent save file...

For the record, Dungeon Master, Civilization, Xenon 2: Megablast, Sidewinder, Bubble Bobble, and several thousand other games are all fully playable. I've been beating up the Aztecs half the night :)

Release 009
NEW: Added loader support for zipped disks, since I'm sick of unzipping them ;)
  o .msa and .st inside the .zip is supported
  o game database doesn't know how to deal with .zip's yet
  o saving to smc when it was a .zip doesn't work yet (?)
CHG: Options menu now has a submenu for restart options -- needed space and
  keeps it cleaner I think
NEW: Options menu now has a "Save State" submenu where you can save out a
  savestate, or erase an existing savestate
NEW: Disk picker (when emulation is not running) lets you pick a savestate to
  open *instead*. If you're using it for disk insertion while in emulation,
  the savestates are not visible!
  o Savestates are SAVE_#.RAW files, for this release. Picking a SAVE_1.RAW
  file with A or B will pop up a dialog if you wish to open it. If you hit yes,
  it will load and uncompress and you'll immediately be where you were when you
  saved it. No need to push "start"
FIX: It will try to detect a bad STCACHE1.TXT file and delete it

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 9th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 008

Some enhancements to the interface mostly; in the disk selection menu you can now push left-shoulder to delete a disk image. (Yes, there is a confirmation dialog :) You can also push SELECT to query a little database and find out what games are on the disk image in question, if a match is found. I've also got some simple tools so that people can help grow the database, which right now has all the Automation disks, but not much else. Once we've added all the ST games to it, it'll be heaven :)

Version 008.1 fixes a bug in the delete routine added for 008. It would delete the wrong file! Fixed for 008.1; also we updated the games database for more games.

Version 008.2 fixes database game display bug that would occur for some disks, and includes the latest 1.7 version of the database!

Version 008.3 adds an nicer icon to Free Launcher, and includes a "accurate renderer" mode for Medium Res; this adds compatability for The Pawn, Guild of Theieves and other Magnetic Scrolls games, as well as a few others that combine medium and low resolutions at once.

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door
Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol

May 7th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 007.1

A minor tweak only. It now defaults to accurate rendering mode when you start up Castaway/GP. You can toggle to "FAST" mode from the options menu as normal.


Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door

May 6th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 007

Are you reading this? Just go download for gods sake! 007 improves upon the mighty 006 by adding a more accurate rendering mode. This mode might be a little slower but is certainly more accurate. No more of this flickering colour bidniz, no sir. OKay, you have to turn it on in the menu, and it does cost your batteries a little bit more. Theres always a price you pay ...

Release 007
NEW: Per-scanline-palette management; or in reality, went to 16bpp render
  mode, to make life much easier.
CHG: Render the virtual keyboard less often; shouldn't hit performance
  anymore to have it showing
FIX: Can drop from frameskip 90 to 0 in one hit now; (used to work only
  with 91+)

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door

May 5th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 006

This is it!. This is what we've all been waiting for. This is the same as 005.. but with crystal clear sound. I figured out a workaround for the hardware issue in sound. I just can't wait.. you gotta have it.

Beta 006
CHG: Button timer upped a bit; try and minimize mistakes people make (500->600)
CHG: In frameskip mode, the shoulders now inc/dec by 90, not set to 90 and 0.
  This means if you're at frameskip 3, and hit right-shoulder it goes to 93,
  and then left shoulder is back to 3, where you had it.
CHG: Tune the Select button for better frameskip mode toggling
FIX: Found the source of the popping issue. Very weird and subtle, and a result
  of oddities in the design of the GP32 hardware :/ Worked around the oddity
  and now we have nice sound. Thats worth a 006 release isn't it?! :)
CHG: Whew, no more of this fast buidl versus slow build crap. Al speed, all the
  time, damnit!

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door

May 4th 2003 -- Release Castaway/GP 005

This is very good release! Mouse, keyboard, joystick and all the fixins (including sound) are implemented. Savegames, live changing of floppies, fancy GUI... its all good! Enjoy! You'll want to see the README for all the updates!

Beta 005
Check README for the new button assignments, since they almost all changed :)

CHG: Now going to release as two binaries.. a fast with okay sound one, and
  a pitifully slow one with good sound. Sucks.
NEW: Built a simple dialog system, so can present cute little menus.
CHG: SELECT toggles into/out of Frameskip mode (so you can get into
  frameskip from any mode, and back to that mode when you're done!)
CHG: START brings up a new Options Dialog, where 99% of everything is done
CHG: Firing-up screen shows sound status and a tiny bit of help
CHG: START used to pause in 004; Options menu pauses emulation, so START will
  in effect still pause.. and START again to dismiss the dialog and resume
CHG: Moved Mouse Calibrate to the options menu
CHG: "Left shoulder" is nolonger used to cycle between input modes; instead
  the options menu has all the modes on it, to make them easier to pick
NEW: "Toggle sound" is available on the options menu
CHG: Disks menu on the option menu, where youcan save the floppies to
  SMC, and will soon have Eject/Insert, etc.
CHG: Right-shoulder in mouse-mode now toggles over to Cursor mode; Cursor
  mode right-shoulder toggles over to mouse-mode. Now you can toggle between
  the two modes with no work!
CHG: Keyboard mode.. going off one side wraps the key-selection to the other
NEW: When in frameskip mode, left shoulder sets to 0 frameskip, while
  right shoulder sets to 90 frameskip. Bam!
CHG: Bottom part of screen shoudl always be black, to keep visibility high
NEW: Disk submenu now sports Eject operations
NEW: Disk submenu now supports inserting new disks; first eject current
  ones, then insert the new ones!

Some screenshots

Dungeon Master text
Dungeon Master door

May 1st 2003 -- Beta Castaway/GP 004

This is very good release! Mouse, keyboard, joystick and all the fixins (except sound) are implemented. Savegames to SMC are now supported, the joystick stickyness problemis gone, etc etc! Enjoy!

Beta 004
CHG: Increase button-threshold-timer so double-clicks and such happen less
FIX: Joystick shoudln't "stick" anymore -- works *really* well
CHG: Mouse buttons are redone, so they too don't "stick"; drags work better,
  and double clicks work better
NEW: If a TOS image file is not selected or available, won't proceed
NEW: Cursor-mode
  o d-pad pushes ST cursor keys
  o B/A act as Insert/Home (should turn in many games)
NEW: Mouse-mode: Right-shoulder recalibrates mouse
NEW: Start now pauses (will be options menu sometime?)
CHG: Input-mode is rendered ever frame (regardless of frameskip), so its
  easier to adjust finely
CHG: Slightly brightened palette.. a little more authentic now
NEW: Faster rendering; might experience tear-lines, but should render faster
  and smoother.. every framepersecond is a less frameskip needed :) 10%!
NEW: Joystick-mode.. "A" is "up" (for jump in platformers) and
  right-shoulder will now hit the spacebar (to skip intro screens maybe)
CHG: Added keys to virtual keyboard; Return, Backspace, Escape, functon keys
NEW: Disk saving is hacked in; not elegant, but works well :)
NEW: Disk picking menu now supports more than one screen of games.. scrolls
  with the selection so you can go up and down
NEW: Disk picking menu pages up and down right left/right, in addition to
  going one at a time with up/down

Some screenshots

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April 29th 2003 -- Beta Castaway/GP 003

This is very usable! Mouse, keyboard, joystick and all the fixins (except sound) are implemented. A few oddities remain, but this is a very usable release! Enjoy, and please let me know what cool games you're playing!

Some screenshots

Xenon 2: Megablast
Xenon 1

April 27th 2003 -- Alpha Castaway/GP -- Zo Kath Ra!

Still not very usable, but this time we're talking *fast*. You can watch the ST boot and run to desktop in just a couple seconds. Heck, faster than a normal ST! The mouse is still broken, and a few other oddities.. but it looks good, and it runs good. So we're getting there!

See screenshots here. Thanks to Wub for the DM disk image :)

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April 25th 2003 -- Nasty Alpha Castaway/GP Slow

This release is still totally unusable, but it does look pretty (see the screenshot). Mouse can only go right/down, its very slow to load and run and render. But it *works*, and thats something. I imagine it coudl be sped up quite a lot, but I'm not sure if it would ever be usable on the GP32. But I'll try :)

April 8th 2003 -- Public Release 003

We're up to abotu 15 or 20 games supported in the GP32 version now :) From the WhatsNew..

CHG: Toggle frame-message (FPS) with left shoulder
FIX: Fixed Pengo colours
NEW: Black background around border (instead of letterbox :)
CHG: Shifted Pacman (and friends) up 8 more pixels; cut off a little of the
  maze wall, but make playfield (inside bottom wall) visible
CHG: Moon Cresta will try mooncrst.pdb, but now also mooncres.pdb
NEW: Added support for RipOff! and Star Castle (yum, cinematronics vectors!)
CHG: Palette fixed on return to game selector
NEW: Added more-or-less support for Tail Gunner
CHG: In game selector, A or B will start game (was just A)
NEW: Better handling for Pacman (4 way sticks on an 8-way controller :)
CHG: In Free Launcher, now show up as "XCade" instead of xcade.gxb

Get it here

April 1st 2003 -- Public Release 002

Wicked update; correct colours on all games, and a simple menu to select the game to play. Now supports a pile of games: Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Pengo, Puckman, Hanglyman, Galaxian, Moon Cresta and Phoenix.

Get it here

March 31st 2003 -- Public alpha 001

This version is running very well; it runs Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Pengo, Puckman and Hanglyman. Colours are broken, but otherwise runs nice. Some screen clipping is performed to fit nicely on the GP32 display without speed hit.

Get it here

March 28th 2003 -- So far so good..

Heres a screenshot of first XCade internal version running in the GP32 emulator (GeePee). When we've got some more features into it, we'll release it for everyone. Stay tuned!

March 20th 2003 -- My crappy little review

Remember, I really love my GP32. But when you write any review, you must do so with the audience in mind. If I'd written for a geek programmer crowd it would've been very different than when I'd write it for a total newbie. This review is targetted towards people who are more newbie and non-gamer and who thus should buy what machine is best for screwing around with games. So this is a very pro-GP32 for hardware and coolness, but against the GP32 in the end due to the library.. the audience in question woudl want to go to the local shop to buy games, and not want to have to read Korean or deal with importing/duty/delay issues. So no flames please! Review

Notes and Observations About GP32

These are just some things you should know about the GP32 if you own one:

  • You *must* setup your SMC card by installing the PC-Link 1.2 software on your PC, and using the "Format" command to prepare the directory structure, or else you need to know how to do it yourself. You cannot just use any old directory structure!
  • ".fpk" files are Package Bundles; you need to "File -> Install" them using PC-Link to get them unpacked onto your GP32. Most apps just come as .fxe or .gxb files to put into \GPMM yourself, but some come as packages and you cannot just copy them over!
  • When the battery gets low, games/apps that run in high processor clock speeds (like 130MHz, ScummVM, Frodo, etc) will crash/reset in weird ways. Just swap batteries. Don't worry that your device is broken.. just swap batteries :)
  • ScummVM datafiles are all .000, .001, etc. For Sam-and-Max you need to rename them since they use .s01 instead!
  • GPengine (TG16 emulator) is easy to set up, abd *very* good (full sound, fast framerate.. a joy to behold!)
  • Current port of Doom doesn't have save game support
  • Wolfenstein 3D does have full save support.. woowoo!
  • Overclocking too high can damage some GP32s video systems; it is wise not to clock past 135MHz. Mine runs up to 150MHz without a problem, but you may not be so lucky!
  • Some apps put their datafiles in \GAME, others in \GPMM. All apps go into \GPMM for the free launcher.
  • You need the GP Free Launcher to run all these nifty apps. Register in the English http://www.gp32.com site to get the Free Launcher and PC-Link software. English link is in the top right in small letters.. I had to look hard to find it!
  • Doom needs its data files in \GAME\DOOM
  • Wolfenstein needs \GAME\SW_WOLF and \GAME\WOLF3D
  • Put your ScummVM games into \GAME\whatevers (like \GAME\DOTT)
  • Put Frodo .d64 disk images in \GPMM\C64
  • Put GPengine TG16 roms in \GPMM\GPENGINE
  • Put MODplay MODs into \GPMM\MOD
  • Put SMS32 Game Gear/SMS ROMs into \GPMM\SMS32
  • Put SNESemu SMC ROMs into \GPMM\SNES
  • Put Snes9xGP SMC ROMs into \GPMM proper (annoying!)

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com