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Shadow Plan 2.5

Shadow Plan 2.5 is probably one of the most powerful Palm OS applications you will ever find. We've added user definable custom filters so you can assemble and save for later re-use your own filters. You can now create a zillion tags and assign as many tags as you want to an item, and build custom filters to pick items based on them (or on address links or whatever criterion you need). Use tags for categories.. no more of the usual Palm OS 15 category limit.. make 500 if you want! We've streamlined the interface a little to make sorting easier, and made all sorts of new automatic import options. Theres a lot of new stuff for everyone in Shadow Plan 2.5!

Watch out for desktop and conduit updates in the next releases!

Shadow Plan 2.0

Yes -- thats right -- Shadow Plan 2.0! It's been almost a year and a half in the making, with Shadow Plan 1.0 released in August 2000. Theres been at least 6 major updates since, each adding major improvements to save you time. New features, bug fixes, speedups - we've worked hard to keep everyone having a good time :) But Shadow is and never has been just about software -- its about communities, and those too have come a long way. So just keep those eyes peeled.. there is still much more to come! Some of the new things in Shadow Plan 2.0:

  • A new Windows desktop application and true synchronizing conduit! Both Mac and Unix versions are on their way soon, too! (built at the same time!)
  • File operations popup menus on file screen; Changing categories is a snap!
  • On-screen mini editor so you can edit while seeing your list!
  • New graphical button bar; pretty and more bang for your buck!
  • Recent files popup allows you to jump arond without going to file selection screen. Remembers up to 10 recently visited lists!
  • New Preferences panel system to better organize the prefs of the most customizable Palm OS application around!
  • Items now able to be any type they want (even Custom type)
  • When jumping to a linked object, you can now jump back!
  • Can control linked todo categories from within Shadow
  • Can automatically linkitems to ToDo if you like
  • Beaming files to other Shadow users
  • Smarter scrolling when finding or expanding items
  • New ability to create new item up one level (New Parent-level Item)
  • Pushing a hardkey will rotate through categories or summon recent files
  • More keyboard support through-out
  • Sort level by level as well as whole list as before
  • Many speedsup, linking improvements, bug fixes and general house cleaning
  • General improvements through-out

Shadow Plan 1.4.0 is another huge stride forward for Palm outliners and task managers, and for Shadow itself. In a way, it is a maturation point where the UI has become more streamlined and functional than ever before and the engine that much more flexible. Work is being done to support a conduit in a little while, and a desktop application is on its way. Hold onto your hat -- Shadow just keeps on moving!
  • Shadow Plan is fast and lean -- all good. Nothing "cute".
  • Support for multiple files with linking between!
  • Expand and collapse items and notes onscreen .. something you won't find in other apps, thats for sure!
  • Super customizable views and display modes
  • Built in views: Checklist, Tasklist, Notes, and Flat View
  • Drag and Drop to move items around
  • Powerful single and multi-item clipboard
  • Sort by any criterion
  • Filter and Hilight lists
  • Zoom into sublevels to keep deep levels visible
  • Syncronized link to ToDo and Datebook.. and even other Shadow outlines! Links to DOCs, Memos, Addressbooks, and more coming!
  • Local Find now supported!
  • Great date management (with graphing to come!)
  • Very flexible auto-numbering and auto-bulleting
  • Import and Export (even as HTML!)
  • Colour support for emphasis, searches, and clarification
  • Keyboard support (with more to come)
  • Faster than before!
  • Visor friendly!
  • The best support available -- email the author, or join mailing lists and web forums
This is the best version ever! But as usual, expect frequent updates with new features all the time!


Why do I need a Task Manager, Checklist, or Outliner?
If you keep a lot of items in To-Do or Memo applications, or regularly keep track of tasks for yourself or other people, or like to keep organized then Shadow Plan is for you. Even if you just wish to keep packing lists for travelling, or lists of books by author, or assign work to your employees, Shadow will make your life easier and less frustrating. Shadow is very intuitive and easy to use, without loss of flexibility or power. Its fast so it doesn't get in your way. Its stylish so you can show off. mostly its just plain handy. Shadow was built to not be too intrusive, yet to help you get jobs done quickly and easily. Theres no cute stuff in it to waste your time.. its only the stuff you need, when you need it. And... its inexpensive. Remember, our philosophy is "Keep it simple" and "Keep supporting and updating!". You wont' find yourself orphaned from this product! Just check my reviews at Palm Gear!

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com