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Although we try to make the software reasonably bullet proof and test each release thoroughly with a group of testers across many Palm devices, we do *not* guarantee it will work as described for any given user on any given device. This is not a full time pursuit, and rather than charge a lot of money for support, we offer the software very inexpensively. So understand that by downloading or using the Shadow software you are at your own risk. If you lose your files (be they Shadow datafiles or not), you are on your own. In the unlikely event you do crash some files, please contact support@codejedi.com where we will try and help you recover the data therein. Use Hotsync to backup your data regularly. I can't be held responsible for what other programs may do to your shadow data, or hardware problems. I reserve the right to change the disclaimer at will.


Shadow Plan 4.3.1 Release!
Shadow Plan 4.1.20 Public Beta
Shadow Desktop Update for Tungsten T5 and Treo 650
Shadow Plan 4.1 Released!
Shadow Plan 4.1 Manuals in alternate formats
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed! (Windows Desktop-only Edition)
Shadow Plan 4.0.5 Beta
Shadow Plan 4 for Mac OSX! (first public beta)
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed!
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed! (Handheld-only smaller download)
Shadow Plan 3.1 Unleashed!
Shadow Plan 3.1 Handheld Only Download
Shadow Plan 3.0 and 3.1 Deutsch (German) Plugin
Shadow Plan 3.0 Manuals in alternate formats (for handheld and printing)
Shadow Plan 2.8.16a for Linux -- Free Public Beta
"Preference Wiper" Repair Tool
Bonsai Desktop Templates for Migrating to Shadow Plan
Font Bucket

Thursday August 25th 2005
Shadow Plan 4.3.1 Release!  (Download)

We've done the usual growing of features on both handheld and desktop, while also ensuring full compatability with the latest devices (including working around numerous 'oddities' left in the devices by their designers!) Linux is now an officially supported platform so you can run Shadow Plan now on Palm OS, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, all fully compatible between each other. Its a free update as we continue to be foolish, so upgrade away!

Windows Handheld + Desktop download
Handheld-only download
Mac OSX download
Linux download
Windows Desktop-only download


Monday July 4th 2005
Shadow Plan 4.1.20 Public Beta  (Download)

It's been awhile since our last formal release, so we thought we'd make sure everyone is up to speed with the latest goods -- it gets you the latest features and patches for your device and it helps us get the highest quality for the next release. So be sure to give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts and experiences. If you just want the handheld file, get it here

Tuesday April 5th 2005
Shadow Desktop Update for Tungsten T5 and Treo 650  (Download)

The latest two PalmOne devices are very nice indeed, hosting many great new features. It is important to note that PalmOne released these devices with a few system nuisances and bugs present. Most of the oddities are merely troublesome but some can be quite annoying to users (across any application, not just Shadow Plan). This small update is a workaround so that Shadow Plan synchronization from handheld to Shadow Desktop works as expected. This update is only required for the Treo 650 and T|T5 devices, and will be included in the next official application suite update for all devices.
For some additional details, see the README in the update download.

Monday December 20th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.1 Released!  (Download)

An update to the premier outliner and checklist for Palm OS -- just in time for the holidays! (Perfect to help out planning all those ski trips..) We've updated all our main platforms -- the handheld, the Windows and Mac OSX desktops, and the Linux build is coming along shortly!
Windows and Handheld bundle
Mac OSX and Handheld bundle
Handheld only download

Monday December 20th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.1 Manuals in alternate formats

For conveniance we've got some alternate versions of some of our manuals.
User Guide in MS Word .doc format
User Guide in Acrobat PDF">
User Guide in HTML
Keyboard shortcuts reference Laid out for wallet size printout, perhaps to store in your folding keyboard.

Tuesday July 27th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed! (Windows Desktop-only Edition)  (Download)

See above for description. This edition is for those who have no handheld and do not intend on getting one; it does not support Palm OS hotsync and will install on machines without Palm Desktop, etc.

Wednesday September 1st 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0.5 Beta  (Download)

This minor update includes a few fixes and improvements; it is being rushed out in order to address a few concerns some few people have with regards to the 4.0.1 release. 1) A very small number of folks have run into an issue where running the Shadow Desktop application runs it, but it does not become visible on their screen. 2) A very few people have a problem where their registry refuses to take updates during hotsync which confuses the 4.0.1 desktop. 3) The behaviour for managing linked ToDo and Datebook items changed slightly in 4.0.1, which is good for a lot of people; this update provides an option so that you can use this new behaviour, or (the default) of the previous behaviour from before 4.0.1. Just download this zipfile, open it up, and run the new installer. (This patch replaces the 4.0.4 patch of late August.)

Wednesday September 22nd 2004
Shadow Plan 4 for Mac OSX! (first public beta)  (Download)

This is the all new Shadow Plan Desktop for Mac OSX that you've all been waiting for! This version is very stable and usable (though it still has a few minor nits within it). The latest handheld application is included as well. Being that it is all new software please beat it up and let us know any issues (if any) you run into. Be sure to read the README.txt included in the distribution for installation and usage details. Note that this first release cannot print, but should otherwise be fully functional. Updated to 4.0.10.

Tuesday July 27th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed!  (Download)

Fresh from the oven comes Shadow Plan 4.0! Improvements across the board but most notable is an all new Shadow Desktop component that will blow you away. A highly flexible interface adjusts to your needs and supports international languages straight out of the box - it will improve your workflow and make your Shadow usage faster and more fun. This first release of the new desktop focuses on Windows users with full Mac OSX and Linux versions coming along very soon. The new desktop is also be available in a pure "desktop only" edition for those who do not or have no interest in handhelds.

Handheld translation modules will follow soon; keep an eye on this space!

Tuesday July 27th 2004
Shadow Plan 4.0 Unleashed! (Handheld-only smaller download)  (Download)

See above for description.

Saturday January 10th 2004
Shadow Plan 3.1 Unleashed!  (Download)

This is a mini update for the 3.0 release to patch a few issues some people experienced, to add Treo 5-way support, to add a few things to the desktop, and in general shake the dust off little! Be sure to pick up this update especially if you've got the latest units like the Palm Tungsten T|T3, Sony UX-50, the Garmin iQue or even the wonderful Tapwave Zodiac. Of course its a free update!

For details, see WhatsNew.
Update: German language plugin here
Beta: Spanish language plugin (in testing!) here
Beta: French language plugin (in testing!) here

Saturday January 10th 2003
Shadow Plan 3.1 Handheld Only Download  (Download)

See above for details of the Shadow Plan 3.1 release.

Monday October 20th 2003
Shadow Plan 3.0 and 3.1 Deutsch (German) Plugin  (Download)

Just download this, unzip, and install the .prc file into your handheld.

14. Tuesday December 23rd 2003
Shadow Plan 3.0 Manuals in alternate formats (for handheld and printing)

Some friendly Shadow users converted the 3.0 handheld reference guide into various document formats to make it easier to print or carry around in your pocket. We have not verified the accuracy of these files!
Reference Guide in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
Reference Guide in MSWord 97 document format
Palm DOC format
iSilo format
Plucker format

15. Friday August 29th 2003
Shadow Plan 2.8.16a for Linux -- Free Public Beta  (Download)

Watch for the all new Linux Desktop coming Summer 2004!
This is a free public beta of Shadow Desktop for Linux. Due to some limitations in the software and to show our commitment to the Linux platform we are offering Shadow Desktop for Linux to everyone free of charge. The desktop is very useful and fully functional though it may have a some display glitches or interface bugs lurking within. Since there is no Hotsync standard for Unix, there will be no conduits for the Unix and Linux versions .. you'll need to sync on your own using kpilot, jpilot, pilot-link, or other tools, and use Shadow Desktop to directly edit the .pdb files. Please join our forums and let us know what you think! We will be growing this application, and your input is extremely valuable especially at this early stage of its lifecycle. (The prior beta, 2.8.4 has expired; this one will not expire.)

16. Sunday June 8th 2003
"Preference Wiper" Repair Tool  (Download)

Palm suggests when moving from one Palm OS version to another major version to use a new Hotsync ID (username); ex: All people who buy a Tungsten T will see in the box a card explaining they should use a new ID if upgrading from an older device. The reason for this is that the OS has some subtle changes in it that can break programs "saved preferences" (among all the other goodies of course :). If you upgraded to the new device and used an old Hotsync ID, chances are you'll not have any problems.... but some people do. This utility will wipe out your Shadow saved preferences, which may alleviate some problems for these people when runing Shadow Plan after an upgrade to a new device. After running it and pushing the button, you will need to re-enter your registration code and your global prefs will be lost. All your data will be fine of course.

17. Wednesday April 23rd 2003
Bonsai Desktop Templates for Migrating to Shadow Plan

If you're migrating to Shadow Plan from Bonsai, then you can use these two templates to write out Shadow Desktop files from Bonsai Desktop. You can then move the resulting files to your ShadowPlan160 directory (where Shadow Desktop looks for its files), and send them to your handheld or work with them in Shadow Desktop. Get them here. These are not directly supported by us.. they are contributed by the public.

18. Monday February 4th 2002
Font Bucket  (Download)

Shadow Plan supports Palm internal fonts, FontHack fonts, and the Font Bucket fonts you download from the web. To use Font Bucket fonts, you need the Font Bucket extension, so download this file and either run the self-installing Windows .exe, or install FontBucket.prc yourself. Font Bucket is built by Hands High and you can go there to find fonts. Be careful to download only fonts you are allowed to download! See here.