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CaSTaway -- Portable Atari ST for Palm OS, Zodiac, GP32 and Sony PSP!

The Atari ST computer has a special place in my heart -- one of the first halfway modern GUI and mouse based computers with a megabyte of RAM, it was an excellent machine to hack around on. Serious desktop publishing software brought it into the office, built in MIDI ports and an early laptop format made it very popular with musicians, and a fun 'scene' brought it many groundbreaking 'demos' and games (with a large proportion of RPGs and shooters if I do say so myself) -- truly, it was "Power Without the Price."

I "cut my teeth" on the Atari ST, walking miles and miles to find the (only) local Atari store to buy games and utilities with my entire pay cheque, and generally did a lot of keen hacking around. Ran (and wrote a FidoNet system!) a BBS for most of a decade, wrote a lot of assembly, GFA Basic and C code, and really just got into the "scene" while working as a salesman for Atari at a local store.

CaSTaway is the ultimate way to pass your time and relive the good old days!

Don't know what to play? See here..

CaSTaway/PSP for Sony PSP

CaSTaway/PSP has a whacky heritage, being essentially a port of parts of my GP32 and Palm OS versions, though theres a number of changes going on along the way :) Those ports were in turn parts of my own emu and a Pocket PC port, which is derived from a distant DOS version.

Nowadays (as of CaSTaway 006 and later) I am targetting custom firmware such as OE or M33 or the like, which can run homebrew without requiring it to be kxploited or other tricks. If you need a firmware 1.5 kxploited version or a firmware 1.0 raw version, use build 005 which includes those.. or let me know, and I can create a 1.5 kxploited version if needed.

For various Sony PSP firmware versions.. (remember, for some firmware versions you can downgrade to an earlier version if you need to.):

  • Firmware 1.0 - use the 1.0 firmware version of the 005 application; in some but not all distribution zip files
  • Firmware 1.5 - use the 1.5 firmware version of the 005 application; in all the zip files
  • Firmware 2.0 - use the latest EBoot Loader; fire up the 1.5 version of the application. Note that for 1.50 builds there are two files making each build (the actual application, and the crack), so you have to run the application version. Later EBoot Loaders will hide the junk, but earlier versions you need to fire up the right one. If you get an error like "Must launch from atari_st folder", then you launched the wrong one.. try the other file :)
  • Custom firmwares such as OE and M33 -- use build 006 or later

CaSTaway/Palm for Palm OS (and Zodiac)

CaSTaway/Palm is a port of my CaSTaway/GP32 work, which is in turn a port of CastCE for Pocket PC, which is in turn a port of CaSTaway for SDL/Windows. Quite a lineage :)

If you've got a lower end device such as the T|E or Zires etc, you may not have enough runtime RAM (different from storage RAM) to run without help. Try Dmitry's UDMH tool to open up additional memory for big applications like CaSTaway.

  • CaSTaway/Palm 1.1.2!Disables device auto-off to avoid annoyances in some games (like Civilization or slow-thinking games); also, in Insert Disk popup menu it now shows known disk descriptions like in the main picker. Not signed for Zodiac so Tapwave users stick to 1.0.1 unless you're a developer. Treo 600 still broken (so use 0.8.x for Treo 600).
  • CaSTaway/Palm 1.0.1! Killer version! (Signed for Zodiac so Tapwave users, enjoy full screen smoothed scaling!) Treo 600 still broken (so use 0.8.x for Treo).
  • CaSTaway/Palm 0.8.0 True fps shown when asked, and auto-throttle on fast units so it should always run approximately 60fps on units that can do it.
  • CaSTaway/Palm 0.7.11 Better sampled audio playback, Treo support, hotsync to install disk images, other cleanups.
  • In-progress "alpha" versions are posted in the message board
  • CaSTaway/Palm sourcecode for developers

CaSTaway/GP32 for Gamepark 32

I've another page for GP32 works; see the GP32 page here

Recovered Games:

PeBo, the author of this game of "Sorry" ported to the Atari ST, got ahold of me in the CaSTaway message board here - very cool. Its interesting that a few ST game authors have gotten ahold of me over the years, and I am honoured :) He's donated his game to the cause, so in the name of preservation I'm keeping a copy here and will try to get it posted around to the remaining crack-groups and websites :)


By request I've turned up a donation box in the webstore; I build all of my free software to help support the communities I'm a proud member of, but feel free to help pay the bills of a self employed coder :)

Screenshots, Message Board, BBS...

Atari ST Games Database (for CaSTaway/Palm)

Rather than try and remember what disk A_097.ST has on it, we've created a little database system that can figure out it is actually Dungeon Master and OIDs on there, for example. With lots of work from the public we've managed to catalog most every "packed" disk image out there in both .ST and .MSA format so you can use it to find a game you're looking for, or to find out what games are on a given disk image -- regardless of the filename in use! CaSTaway/Palm natively uses this database and we hope other Atari ST emulators will pick up on it someday.

Other Downloads, Links, and Forums


Dungeon Master entrance Xenon 2: Megablast

Send email to Jeff Mitchell at support@codejedi.com