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Shadow Plan is the ultimate in Palm OS outliners, note takers, ToDo-listers and task managers.

What is an outliner?

An outliner is an application that allows you to store notes in a hierarchical fashion.. which is to say one item can contain another item, which can contain another item, etc. You can twist shut (or collapse) an item to hide all of its contained items, or twist open (expand) any item to reveal its contained items. This is something the built in ToDo application should have had since day one but doesn't. Did you ever wish that you could enter a series of ToDo items and have the application know they belong together, or that one thing depends on another? Shadow Plan delivers all that and more!

What is a note taker?

A PDA is a device you carry around with you all the time, and that means you need rapid access to your data and you need to enter data quickly. You don't want to be sitting in a meeting or in your car and put everything on hold while you jot down a few ideas. Ideas need to flow and your tools need to work with you to facilitate the noting down. Shadow is designed to work quickly and in many ways to make sure your ideas can be entered as quickly as possible. You can manage them right away, or just input like crazy and deal with the ideas later. Sort, filter, manage later if you want to.. Shadow Plan will make taking and visiting notes a snap. You can have an Inbox file and ship those items off to other files later, or link them right into your ToDo or Datebook to show up in your calendar right away.

What is a ToDo-lister?

Its well known that most people use a PDA for two things -- as an address book, and as a To Do List. A To Do list generally just contains a simple flat listing of things you need to get done and when. But thats as far as the built in Palm To Do application goes -- it doesn't let you group related items or organize them to occur in any order. Shadow Plan lets you group items or sort them any way you need. You can see what you want to see, when. Maybe you want to see who is assigned to an item, or when its due, or how far away that due date is. Its up to you with Shadow Plan.. no limits. We're all about making things easier for you, so you can get things done faster.

What is a task manager?

Did you ever want to assign an item to someone or to a group of people? Maybe you wish to assign a group of items that are all related or depend on something or perhaps depend on the completion of another item? Shadow Plan lets you create lists of tasks to be done in the past or future. These tasks can be linked to show up in your Palm ToDo or Datebook applications (or 3rd party ones), so they even sync into your normal calendar (like Outlook or Palm Desktop). Shadow Plan will always try and fit into your normal routine and augment it.. to try and save you a precious few minutes and speed up your workflow. So you can get more done and get home to your family faster! You can organize items by a number of criterion, and have as many items as you need to. Theres just no limits on your Shadow Plan lists! If you want smart filtering, there is no better Palm OS application. If you wish to categorize data, there is no better application. Shadow is about as flexible as it gets!

What can you do with all this data?!

Shadow Plan is the ultimate at organizing your data.. even data in other applications! You can import and export data in almost any imaginable way, and you can relate Shadow data to other Palm applications data (like Addresses, Memos, ToDos, Datebooks). Shadow Plan can filter your data through a number of built-in common filters, or you can construct and save your own filters and views for generating reports on the fly. You can customize the display to show only what you want or need to see.. even make it depend on where you are or what you're doing or what tools are at your disposal. You can manage your shopping lists while browsing the shelves just as easily as you can manage your client listing while speaking with your lawyer!

Bottom line: Shadow Plan is there to make your work and life easier, so you can get more done faster, and enjoy life a little more.