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Player Classes

Each character in BattleJewels takes the form of a class .. the general style of work that character partakes in. It does not mean that every Gladiator is the same - far from it - but every Gladiator will follow a core playstyle more or less, and be further customized by the skill, spell and gear choices the player makes. Specifically, every class is affiliated to a colour which just means that is the mana most needed for his spells. Further, each mana has other colours it is friendly and enemy to, and when you level up you ca buy spells of your own mana or other manas. A Gladiator (Blue Steel colour) usually wishes to collect Blue mana off the playfield when he can, and will take his own spells very cheaply or take another classes spells after saving up for them. So hence, every Gladiator can take Gladiator spells very frequently, or he can opt to take a few spells from Knave or Friar or the like at his leisure.. its just more expensive in terms of playtime to do so. And of course you can train in any skills you like, or buy whatever gear you like which furthe make your character unique.

  • Knave

    The classic sneaky rogue character who is either a sneaky thief or highway robber or underworld assasin; someone not to be trifled with, for sure. The class is designed to be a little on the fragile and slow-to-kill side (these aren't trained soldiers after all), but when he hits from the shadows -- he will hit hard! Further, the Knave can learn spells that cause poisoning in the opponent, or slow him to weaken their armor and equal the odds. A versatile fun class!
    Earlier spells include stealth to help avoid damage (since the burgler is not a tough warrior) and which helps set up finishing move spells such as Backstab which does significant damage in one blow. Later abilities cause the enemy to be poisoned or bleed, so this class is good for doing a lot of damage in bursts or over time, but not a balls-out damager dealer or taker. A 'black' affiliated class.

  • Gladiator

    The face to face warrior class, for those who wish to deal a lot of physical damage to the opponent (and themselves) quickly, in a do-or-die approach to problem solving. Designed to take a beating, to buy gear, to damage the playfield and the opponent. A 'blue steel' affiliated class. Really, the Gladiator is strong in terms of armor that he buys usually, and he can deal consistent but not huge damage -- he will tend to finish opponents quickly, or die trying. A Knave will attack from the shadows to inflict a large blow once in awhile, but the Gladiator can pull out his sword and slice away consistently, drawing down his foe.

  • Druid

    For players who wish to have fun toying with their opponent; maybe not the fastest way to defeat the enemy, but having fun doing it through manipulation and out-lasting. Druids tend to be a jack of all trades class, able to do most anything but none of it particualrly effectively; their strength is in versatility, as their native spells include something from each of the other classes -- damage spells, disorientation spells, and so on. It costs more mana that another class for its stronger ability, but the one thing Druids are very good at -- is getting more mana and depriving another person of his. Druids can heal themselves and manipulate the playfield, and have some inefficient spell damage for when they've collected a lot of excess mana. Very tough to kill and fun to play, Druids take the high road. A 'green' affiliated class.

  • Friar

    This is a class for people who wish to sit back and survive - to play a nice match without much worry of beig obliterated. The Friar is a strong healer class, who can top himself up with heal-over-time spells, and put up shields that damage an opponent who attacks him. The Friar is affiliated to 'white' mana, and makes a strong almost undefeatable class. Woe to the player who faces against a friar though!